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Our vision is to continuously develop new technologies, that can be utilised in to re-create a pre industrial era environment and a sustainable environment for the future generations to come. So in this regards, we have launched the G1 water filters with the aforementioned objective. The filtered water, will be having all the natural characteristics of drinking water, equivalent to fresh running river water.

As seen in the displayed data below , India as well as whole world is suffering from water crisis .

India as a country with this magnitude of population, management of water is a huge task. Our vision is to provide clean and healthy drinking water from the current water resources available in the country. So that the environmental related health issues can be curbed and make earth a better place to live.

Global Situation for Drinking water

The total water available only 2.5 %

for drinking purpose

Source: US geological Survey

welcome to biovation technologies

A Biovation Technologies is research & development based company. The company strives continuously, to develop green & healthy technologies for making earth a better place to live, for the next generations to come.

We have, in house well equipped research facility to conduct high end experiments. The innovative ideas generated here, are nurtured, commercialised and manufactured into next generation products. Our majority of the products focus on green and clean environment.We believe in nature conservation, so all the products are made up of ecofriendly and bio-degradable substances.

Further, we are all aware of the fact that drinking water is a major issue in India. Water is getting polluted day by day and whatever the fresh water is remaining is not fit for drinking. Recent reports have suggested that Ganga water (which is known to be as one of the healthiest water to drink & Govt. is also actively involved for purification) is not fit to drink after it crosses Haridwar, due to immense microbial contamination. This has resulted due to the unregulated contaminated water discharge. Currently Biovation has come up with the unique concept for water filter, which have never existed before. We have developed proprietary matrix based on nanotechnology for drinking water purpose.

Biovation Technologies has a team of dedicated professionals, who are achievers in their respective fields. We have scientists graduated from IITs and abroad to lead the R& D department, which is the core of the company. We have Business advisors and marketing team having an experience over decade.

Biovation team works on three pillars innovation, economical feasibility and sustainability and All the members tirelessly work in unity to provide humanity the best innovated technologies.

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